PAKR Mobile App

UX Design // UI Design


PAKR is a conceptual mobile application designed to make travel preparations a smooth and stress-free experience by introducing the concept of collaborative packing lists.

In collaboration with two other designers, Ryan Parajas and Sarah Sauerzoph.


What are notable pain points people struggle with when preparing for travel?

What elements would streamline a person’s organization skills when it comes to packing?

Why aren’t there more collaborative packing list applications currently on the market?


PAKR was designed out of a love for travel and being organized. Not only does it generate a list of essentials based on the details of the user’s trip, PAKR is unique from other packing applications on the market because users can also share their list with collaborators to assign items to different attendees. Based on user research, one of the most stressful parts of traveling is figuring out what to pack, along with the stress from forgetting to bring something important on the trip. PAKR addresses both of these issues, in addition to having the added convenience of being able to collaborate on a group packing list.