Thanhthao Van


Design is like salt—toss it in just about everything for some extra flavor.


Exhibition Design

A digitally-modeled conceptual exhibition highlighting Zaha Hadid's influence on architectural design as a woman.

SENIOR THESIS | Print, Book Design, Lettering

A handmade booklet highlighting my nontraditional lettering explorations to rediscover my love for typography and art.

UX/UI Design

A packing-list app designed to make your travel preparations a smooth and stress-free experience.

Brand Design, 3D Design

A point-of-purchase concept with a goal of providing healthy smoothies and green juices to college students.


A collection of stamps on a letter-sized panel commemorating Massimo Vignelli's legacy.

Motion Graphics, Print

A GIF series and holiday card design created for San José State University for the 2021 holiday season.

Print, Web Graphics

An 80's movies-themed poster series promoting the 2022 Employee Recognition Awards event at Valley Water.

Logo Design, Print

A logo design promoting a month-long, county-wide biking event to raise drought awareness.

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