Miller CAT Trade Show Booth

Exhibition Design // Print Design


For the second consecutive year, Miller CAT was set to showcase at AAPEX 2023 with a booth space double the size of the previous year's. AAPEX is an annual global exposition focused on the aftermarket automotive parts industry.


What visual elements would serve as a pull factor for attendees in an exposition marketed towards the automotive industry?

How do we best utilize 2D mediums to create an interactive three-dimensional experience?

How can the booth design best support the company’s objective to network and partner with other businesses at this event?


This is a project very near and dear to my heart because it is one of my first big accomplishments as a young designer, being able to oversee and manage the entire process from conceptualization to implementation. AAPEX 2023 occurred in Las Vegas, NV and I was offered the special opportunity to travel with the rest of the Miller CAT team to see the fully-built booth in-person. I received many positive remarks from the CEO, stakeholders, and even the booth fabricator himself because of how successful the design turned out and how much engagement we received at the expo compared to the previous year.