Senior Thesis | Print, Book Design, Lettering

Brush Up!

I first discovered my love for lettering in sophomore year of high school when I mistakenly bought a brush pen from Daiso thinking it was a regular pen. I was curious as to how a brush pen was supposed to be used, and one Youtube search later, I was hooked. In the chaos of living life as a high schooler and then a college student, many of my hobbies, including lettering, were sitting in the back of my mind, collecting dust.

I took the opportunity of focusing my senior thesis on lettering in order to rediscover how passionate I used to be about typography, art, and calligraphy. I spent a large chunk of my undergrad being stressed and experiencing designer's block, so Brush Up! is a reminder to myself that there is fun and creativity to be found in the most unexpected places.

A handmade booklet highlighting my nontraditional lettering explorations to rediscover my love for typography and art.

Project Overview

Final Deliverable(s)

Handmade Booklet

Case Study Book

Brush Up! | Title Page

Brush Up! | Lettering Exploration

Brush Up! | Quote

Brush Up! | Woah That's Sick Sketch

Brush Up! | Woah That's Sick

Brush Up! | Take a Walk

While this semester-long project was one of the most difficult ones that I've ever worked on, it was also the most rewarding because of how much fun I had working with odd materials like rice, nail polish, fruits, and more.

Lettering Exploration | Chasing Bread

Lettering Exploration | Nailed It

Lettering Exploration | Gimme Space

Lettering Exploration | Make It Rain

Lettering Exploration | Rice is Life

Lettering Exploration | OK Cool

Lettering Exploration | Woah That's Sick