Logo Design // Branding Design


MCPROTECTED is a brand new product line under Miller CAT Corporation, a leading manufacturer of CARB compliant catalytic converters. Dedicated to ensuring consumer peace of mind, MCPROTECTED is committed to delivering dependable home and vehicle protection solutions.


What does Miller CAT want the new logo to accomplish?

What attributes would Miller CAT like the target audience to think of when looking at MCPROTECTED's new branding?

How will the branding of this new product line tie back to the parent company, Miller CAT?


Crafting a symbol that encapsulates MCPROTECTED’s brand essence was a journey filled with creativity and dedication. Logos are more than just an image—it's a representation of identity, values, and aspirations. MCPROTECTED’s logo is to serve as a beacon of distinction that guides the brand towards success and recognition. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final refinements, every step of this process has been guided by a shared vision of excellence.