Squeeze the Day

UX Design // Exhibition Design // 3-D Rendering


Squeeze the Day is a conceptual point-of-purchase site with the goal of addressing food insecurity amongst college students by providing nutritious smoothies and green juices. Food insecurity is a real threat to a college student’s educational and professional goals, especially when trying to juggle rent, tuition, and work. The issue with this is that cheaper food options are almost always fast food and junk food, which is not beneficial for a college student’s health.


What are some critical pain points college students suffer with when balancing health and a busy lifestyle?

With food insecurity being a top issue amongst college students, why don’t we see more campus food options that combine the concept of affordability with health and wellbeing?

How do I develop a point-of-purchase concept that tackles the issues of food insecurity without sacrificing a fun and interactive experience?


Squeeze the Day’s goal is to tackle the real issue of poor health choices amongst college students due to busy lifestyles and a lack of affordable, healthy food options on college campuses. I wanted to create an experience that addresses the previously-mentioned problem, while providing a fun and inviting experience that encourages all campus wanderers to feel good about picking healthier pick-me-ups while going about their days.