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Squeeze the Day

Squeeze the Day is a point-of-purchase concept located on college campuses with the purpose of providing healthy smoothies and green juices to students either as an affordable breakfast option, or a quick refresher. It aims to be a place where students can refresh and indulge in themselves, without worrying.

College students are known to be a group that often suffers from food insecurity and poor food choices. Food insecurity is a real threat to a college student’s educational and professional goals. When trying to juggle rent, tuition, homework, a job, and life matters, eating on a budget is something that many turn to. The issue with this is that cheaper food options are almost always fast food and junk food, which is not beneficial for a college student’s health.

A point-of-purchase concept with a goal of providing healthy smoothies and green juices to college students.

Carrot Fridge | Back Decal

Carrot Fridge | Front

Squeeze the Day | 3/4 Left View

Logo Signage | Front

Lemon Fridge | Front

Project Overview

Squeeze the Day | Aerial View

Final Deliverable(s)

3D Kiosk Mockup

Case Study Book

Case Study pg. 9 | Logo

Case Study pg. 15 | Front Elevation

Case Study pg. 14 | Floorplan

Case Study pg. 12 | Brand Patterns