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Matoaka Font

Matoaka is my original font inspired by the story of Pocahontas. Disney films shaped a huge part of my childhood and Pocahontas is a notable classic. Although Matoaka is largely based on the historically-accepted story of Pocahontas, Disney's spin on her story is more widely recognized and definitely has its influence on the design of this font.

Following the completion of the font design, I created a series of branded materials to promote Matoaka and envision it as a complete entity.

An original font inspired by Pocahontas, applied to promotional materials like posters, apparel, and more.

Matoaka | Book Cover

Project Overview

Final Deliverable(s)

Font (.ttf file)


Poster Design

T-shirt Design

3D Kinetic Type

Matoaka | Lowercase Letters

Matoaka | Grid System