Exhibition Design

Building the Unbuilt

Zaha Hadid was an Iraqi-born British architect who was known for her beautiful deconstructivist designs that seem to defy the laws of physics, and for shattering gender stereotypes in the architecture industry. She worked hard to break many boundaries and obstacles for women in architecture. The goal of this conceptual exhibition is to bring her architectural design style, thought process, and personality as a complete package to visitors.

A digitally-modeled exhibition highlighting Zaha Hadid's legacy and influence on architectural design as a woman.

Exterior | Courtyard Sculpture

Exterior | Courtyard Aerial View

Exterior | Introductory Wall

Interior | Hallway

Interior | Wall A

Interior | Wall B

Interior | Wall C

Interior | Bench Sculpture

Interior | Wall D

Project Overview

Interior | Hallway

Final Deliverable(s)

3D Exhibition

Case Study Book

Case Study pg. 7 | True-to-size Text Samples

Case Study pg. 14 | 1st Interior Draft Model

Case Study pg. 16 | 2nd Interior Draft Model

Case Study pg. 15 | Courtyard Draft Model