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2022 Employee Recognition Awards

One of my first larger-scale projects as a Graphic Design intern at Valley Water was to develop a series of 80's movies-themed posters to promote the annual Employee Recognition Awards event. As someone whose birth year starts with the number "2," this was an exciting and interesting opportunity for me to learn more about movie poster design in the 80's, while also having my Photoshop skills be put to the test.

An 80's movies-themed poster series promoting the 2022 Employee Recognition Awards event at Valley Water.

Teaser Announcement | Ghostbusters Poster

Project Overview

Final Deliverable(s)


Web Graphics

Team Excellence | Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Poster

Team MVP | The Breakfast Club Poster

Accountability & Integrity | The Princess Bride Poster

Mentorship | The Karate Kid Poster

Service Excellence | Caddyshack Poster

Continual Improvement | Back to the Future Poster

Excellence in Management | Top Gun Poster

The following poster did not make it to print production purely due to the committee's preference for another movie to represent this category, but it certainly deserves an honorable mention in my books because of how clever this idea turned out!

Service Excellence | ET Poster

In addition to the posters, I worked on other supporting materials for the event, such as certificates, nomination announcements, and promotional digital graphics.

2022 Employee Recognition Awards | Event Announcement Graphic

2022 Employee Recognition Awards | Nomination Letter

2022 Employee Recognition Awards | Certificate of Recognition

2022 Employee Recognition Awards | Event Teaser "Rating" Graphic

Knowing that my contribution to this successful company-wide event resulted in many laughs and excitement has to be my proudest accomplishment across the duration of this project.